Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rat Hammock

When I thought of making this I was a bit unsure as I thought they might get their nails or feet caught in the wool or through the holes, But NO they are absolutely fine!
I made this with the traditional Granny Square pattern.
This can be made in any colour or any size.
I made this with removable ties as mine like to chew.
This one in picture measures 11x11 inches and the ties are 15 inches long.

The Boring Bit
I am no good at writing out patterns, if you find any faults at all please let me know and I will correct straight awayI would love to see your creations so please post pictures with your finished rat hammock.

This pattern is FREE! So you can make and sell these as you wish, the only thing I ask is for you to add the link to this pattern if you are going to post pictures ECT, on your web site or other.

More Rat Hammock Patterns Coming Soon.........

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